The Story of Our Move

It has been a year since the talks about a job relocation started in the company that my husband, H, works for. There were speculations about different destination countries and our minds were swirling with possibilities. The uncertainty was overwhelming, and it tested us as a young twenty-something couple in more ways than you could imagine.  

We are both at a point in our careers where we’ve settled down comfortably in something that we enjoy, minus the constant stress of the incompetent fresh graduates we were 5 years ago. Things were finally calm after a whirlwind of job hunting, interviews, our wedding, getting used to our in-laws and moving in together as a married couple. And then life does what it does best – throw a curveball right at you once things are looking good and steady. “H, your job is relocated to the Philippines. Do you want to go, or do you want to look for a new job?”

Okay. Let’s take a moment to fully comprehend what’s at stake now.

H: “I’m going to lose my job
– Well, technically no. H could just get a different job role in his company and not move. But he likes this role. 

Me: “Wait, OMG, no, then am going to lose my job
– Yup, no questions about that

H and I spent hours, days, nights, weeks and months repeating these questions and others like it (including me wailing about missing my dog) and attempting to reassure each other that it will all be fine. This is where the aforementioned “tests” for us as a couple comes in. In other words, there was talking, and yelling, with a bit of crying, and some wailing (mostly on my part, about my dog). 

We eventually decided that an opportunity to move to a new place as an expat is not something that comes by every day. It could be the chance of a lifetime. It could be the adventure of our lifetime. So, convincing ourselves that we should be #YOLO just this once as the millennials that we are, he signed on the dotted line and we’re getting shipped (or rather, flown) off to the Philippines in September!

That was 3 months ago.

Now, we’re in August and things are getting real. So here I am, starting on a new adventure in the blogosphere to document and share snippets of my life as an expat’s wife with you!

Hang in there while we pack our bags for our mini preview trip this month.

Till then, 
The Expat Wife

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